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Process architectprovides training and share best practices across teams regarding data architecture design and solution implementation including review and quality assurance.

Process ArchitectDuties & Responsibilities

To write an effective process architect job description, begin by listing detailed duties, responsibilities and expectations. We have included process architect job description templates that you can modify and use.

Sample responsibilities for this position include:

Evaluate existing processes using interviews, workshops, document analysis, surveys, Kaizen Events, user scenarios, process maps, task and workflow analysis

Identify strengths and areas for process improvement, establishing links between business strategies and improvement initiatives

Provide leadership and expertise throughout the design and improvement of processes

Perform root cause analysis and provide recommendations for improvement

Lead large-scale transformations of complex business processes

Meet with business and technical leaders to identify and scope opportunities, outline potential value and ROI, and identify risks and constraints

Act as mentor or coach to business stakeholders by providing training and guidance

Analyze data for trends and recommend possible improvements/solutions

Project Manage process improvement projects and ensure solutions are achieved on time, on budget and within scope

Develop process architecture strategy for business units and organizations based on a situational awareness of various business scenarios and motivations

Process ArchitectQualifications

Qualifications for a job description may include education, certification, and experience.

Licensing or Certifications forProcess Architect

List any licenses or certifications required by the position:PMP, TOGAF, CBA, ITIL, RPA, BPM, BPI, MBA, ISO9001, PMI

Education forProcess Architect

Typically a job would require a certain level of education.

Employers hiring for the process architect job most commonly would prefer for their future employee to have a relevant degree such asBachelor's and Master's DegreeinBusiness, Computer Science, Engineering, Finance, Education, Business/Administration, Technical, MBA, Management, Science

Skills forProcess Architect

Desired skills forprocess architectinclude:

Industry best practices

Change management concepts and techniques

Business domain during problem definition

(Video) Process Architecture

Implementation and user adoption phases of projects and can communicate this to client

Solution architecture and design

Architecture and end-to-end process landscape

Best practices and how own area integrates with others

Related disciplines

Master data processes and ERP systems

Desired experience forprocess architectincludes:

Capture the tactical and strategic business goals that provide traceability through the organization and map them to metrics that provide ongoing governance capability

Enumerate, analyze, catalog, and suggest improvements to the strategic, core and support processes of the business unit

Define the data elements shared between the various business units in the enterprise and the relationships between those data elements and processes, people, systems, and other process elements

Recognize structural issues within the organization, functional interdependencies and cross-silo redundancies such as role alignment, process gaps and overlaps, and business capability maturity gaps

Apply architectural principles, methods, and tools to business challenges

Model business processes using a variety of tools and techniques

Process ArchitectExamples


Process Architect Job Description

Job Description Example


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Our innovative and growing company is looking for a process architect. To join our growing team, please review the list of responsibilities and qualifications.

Responsibilities for process architect

  • Demonstrate understanding of cross-functional/cross-domain requirements and impacts when promoting to use Automate Anywhere
  • Maintain knowledge of current and emerging technologies/products/trends related to architectural solutions in RPA
  • Develops and maintains architectural governance processes & completes architecture compliance reviews of application, policies, standards and security
  • Once new skills of Automation Anywhere technology and methodology are fully adopted, the person will mentor and support colleagues client team on the same
  • Designing processes from end-to-end, regardless of functional silos
  • Working with business domain experts to capture ‘as-is’ business processes
  • Experience in translating technology strategy into business plans and bridging the technology gap
  • A strategic thinker who has significant experience in developing and delivering business-centric technology services
  • An evangelist for the target architecture and enterprise architectural principles within Customers and across the wider provider, partner and education communit
  • An experienced leader that can lead geographically dispersed teams across multiple functions

Qualifications for process architect

  • The Process Architect is a planning, consulting and monitoring role responsible for working with diverse stakeholders to plan guide the future state of IT processes
  • Develops and maintains an IT Process Model, based on process specific industry standard
  • Develop process architecture standards to bring consistency to process solutions (Policy, Standards, Process, Roles & Accountability, process automation, inter-process linkages, control objectives, metrics/KPIs & maturity guidelines
  • Uses Benchmarking services to gather, synthesize and analyze information on Best Practice adoption
  • Chairs the Industry Standards Integration Forum to select and plan for integration of new standards and best Practice methods of IT service delivery
  • Maintains awareness of regulatory process standards, working with Governance and Regulatory Management to develop a common understanding of the nature of policy and control requirements to incorporate into process blueprints


Process Architect Job Description

Job Description Example


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(Video) Process architecture example

Our company is looking for a process architect. Please review the list of responsibilities and qualifications. While this is our ideal list, we will consider candidates that do not necessarily have all of the qualifications, but have sufficient experience and talent.

Responsibilities for process architect

  • Integrate the SLDC best practices systemically in the tools
  • Assess the SDLC for enhancements in support of new development methodologies
  • Gather high-level system requirements from business stakeholders to draft solutions that fit with existing processes and architecture
  • Partner with the Manager, Delivery and Support to identify skilled development resources available to deliver the intended solution
  • Oversee the development of solutions
  • Guide solution reviews/demonstrations with business stakeholders, and seek stakeholder sign-off
  • Partner with Change Management & Enablement Architect to ensure solution is appropriately communicated, and user community is appropriately trained
  • Function as Subject Matter Expert for business processes within the pillar
  • Responsible for process architecture in their area
  • Understands how KPI and PPI tie up to business strategy to optimize the whole

Qualifications for process architect

  • Consults on process control engineering standards in collaboration with Governance and Regulatory Management
  • Consults on documentation standards and documentation library management standards
  • Experience in a technology solutions environment background in developing performance measurements, best practices highly desirable
  • PC literate in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Visio
  • Very strong communication and interpersonal skills, self-motivated, able to learn and research issues independently, smart learner and doer
  • Process mapping and delivery experiences in general procurement or Supply Chain Management function


Process Architect Job Description

Job Description Example


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Our company is growing rapidly and is searching for experienced candidates for the position of process architect. To join our growing team, please review the list of responsibilities and qualifications.

Responsibilities for process architect

  • Conduct RPA (Robotic Process Automation) High Level Assessments
  • Identify processes that are feasible for automation with recommendations for benefits and savings
  • Define complexity of the process in terms of Robotic Process Automation Delivery
  • Recommendations to alter or reengineer process to automate or improve automation potential
  • Create a Business View RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Solution Design
  • Analyze and observe processes to understand the process steps and applications used to complete business transactions by a user
  • Complete the standard templates for PDD and SDD’s to ensure that all business scenarios are in scope to be configured into RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Detail Process steps, navigation, applications details type, application elements used
  • Study process information, standard operation procedures, process maps volumetrics trending, seasonality, cyclicality, service levels set up error rate, error volumes, exception handling steps, capacity utilization FTE, productivity metrics and average handling time
  • Process interdependencies

Qualifications for process architect

  • Must have Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field
  • Large enterprise ERP implementations in the areas of technical design specification, development, performing knowledge of solution manager service/help desk
  • Ability to collaborate across international teams for process improvement and standardization
  • Knowledge about implementing industry standards like ISO/TS16949, CMMI-DEV, ISO9001, TL9000, AutomotiveSPICE (HIS Scope), and ISO/IEC15504-5
  • Experience in formal analysis according to ISO/TS16949, CMMI or AutomotiveSPICE
  • Project Management, Agile and implementing CMMI-DEV Level 3, AutomotiveSPICE (HIS Scope) Level 3, or ISO/TS16949


Process Architect Job Description

Job Description Example


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Our innovative and growing company is searching for experienced candidates for the position of process architect. We appreciate you taking the time to review the list of qualifications and to apply for the position. If you don’t fill all of the qualifications, you may still be considered depending on your level of experience.

Responsibilities for process architect

  • Detail understanding of the inputs to the process structured vs unstructured layouts, different formats
  • Create the To Be Automated Flow future state to automate the process
  • Detail Robot Automation logic from the start of the process to completion of the business transaction
  • Design automation flow to be unattended
  • Conversion of unstructured inputs to structured, if required
  • Clearly detail each step of business logic to be configured into the robot
  • Create alternate flows, nested validations and verifications to detail the various paths a transaction can traverse through the automation flow being designed
  • Detail the completion of a transaction as required by the process outputs of the process
  • Leads process design sessions with key stakeholder Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and internal stakeholders by applying expertise of business process analysis and business process modeling to identify current-state gaps and develop process design/enhancement solutions
  • Recommends, changes, and integrates business models and processes to support the future state of the organization

Qualifications for process architect

  • Lead and manage architecture discipline in all project sizes and phases
  • Familiarity with regulatory oversight in the pharma industry is desired, especially in the FDA computer systems validation requirements
  • A minimum 5 years experience in large-scale cloud service (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS) providers (Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure), or a minimum 8 years experience in large-scale software development planning in the Internet/ IT fields
  • With the development of large-scale products or process tool develope experience
  • In-depth knowledge and experiences with at least one industry-leading cloud technology, such as OpenStack, CloudStack, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc
  • In-depth understanding on organizations, processes, and development tools related to cloud service operations in Internet companies


Process Architect Job Description

Job Description Example


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(Video) What are the components of a process architecture?

Our innovative and growing company is hiring for a process architect. If you are looking for an exciting place to work, please take a look at the list of qualifications below.

Responsibilities for process architect

  • Participates in the quality assurance review of all assigned process design efforts
  • Establishes and maintains key performance indicators for a process design initiative
  • Aligns process designs with Contact Center business strategies, using the standard modeling tools and techniques, and ensures its linkage and alignment with the business functional process design
  • Develops and documents supporting business process information for purposes of decision-making, consistency, and alignment
  • Supporting the project and process management of the ROTH Heizöle GmbH according their actual Sales Strategy
  • Developing the cooperation with existing customers
  • Making all effort to understand the fuel market´s relevant commercial trends and requirements of strategic segments
  • Working in close co-operation and under the guidance of the local and regional fuel sales team
  • Cooperating in preparing market analyses and creation of customer acquisition plans for fuels and Heating Oil specialized on the household business on the given market
  • Understanding and recording sales projects according to strategy

Qualifications for process architect

  • Working knowledge of architecture frameworks, best practices, and business processes
  • At least one certification is mandatory
  • Deep understanding of the Chemical Industry business processes
  • Strong knowledge of the Chemical Industry business processes and deep expertise across multiple core areas is required
  • Attitude to work with team members with different technical backgrounds (process, piping, HVAC, electrical )
  • Strong knowledge of the Oil and Gas Industry business processes and deep expertise across multiple core areas is required (Commodity Management/Trading, Treasury/Risk Management, Traders and Scheduler’s Workbench (TSW), Hydrocarbon Product Management, Production Revenue Accounting, Joint Venture Accounting, Quantity Conversion, Mergers and Acquisitions)

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What are the responsibilities of a process architect? ›

Within the context of this paper, the process architect is defined as having the responsibility to model, analyze, deploy, monitor, and continuously improve business processes.

What are 5 responsibilities of an architect? ›

Architects typically do the following:
  • Meet with clients to determine objectives and requirements for structures.
  • Give preliminary estimates on cost and construction time.
  • Prepare structure specifications.
  • Direct workers who prepare drawings and documents.
  • Prepare scaled drawings, either with computer software or by hand.
Sep 8, 2022

How do you answer why should we hire you as an architect? ›

Example: “I have a passion for people just as much as I do for buildings. As architects, we're creating functional buildings for clients to use based on their varying needs and desires. Understanding our clients is imperative and ultimately fuels my passion for this field.”

What are the key responsibilities of a solution architect? ›

Solutions architect responsibilities

Prepare and document testing requirements. Identify areas where IT can support business needs and goals. Work with business units to develop IT strategies and to improve current IT implementations. Build and migrate software and services across the organization.

What are the three main roles of an architect? ›

Duties and Responsibilities of an Architect in a Construction Project
  • Provide counseling service(s) to clients. ...
  • Draw design(s) for construction project(s) ...
  • Design a building plan that fits all construction requirements. ...
  • Planning and developing the design. ...
  • Must be equipped with technological know-how.

What are the 3 key elements of process? ›

The THREE well known elements are: input, process and output. Here the PERFORMER of process or activity or task is ignored.

What is an Architect job description sample? ›

Researches, programs, plans, designs, and administers building projects for clients, applying knowledge of architectural design, construction detailing, construction procedures, zoning and building codes, and building materials and systems. Produces conceptual plans, renderings, and documents.

What is an Architect job description example? ›

Job Summary:

The Architect will plan and design, and/or facilitate the execution of new building designs, and plan, design and/or facilitate the execution of building expansions or renovations according to clients needs, desires, and financial resources.

What are 2 skills an Architect needs? ›

You'll need:
  • design skills and knowledge.
  • knowledge of building and construction.
  • to be thorough and pay attention to detail.
  • thinking and reasoning skills.
  • customer service skills.
  • excellent verbal communication skills.
  • analytical thinking skills.
  • the ability to use your initiative.

What is the best answer for why should I hire you? ›

Your skills and qualifications. If you can prove that you've got all the skills that the company is looking for in a candidate, you'll have effectively answered the question. Your passion and motivation. You can highlight how good of a company fit you'd be and how much you love working in your field or industry.

What is the best answer on why should we hire you? ›

Show that you have skills and experience to do the job and deliver great results. You never know what other candidates offer to the company. But you know you: emphasize your key skills, strengths, talents, work experience, and professional achievements that are fundamental to getting great things done on this position.

What qualities make you a great architect? ›

8 Attributes of a Great Architect
  • Creativity. ...
  • Resourcefulness. ...
  • Technical Focus. ...
  • Foresight. ...
  • Drive. ...
  • Collaboration. ...
  • Construction Savvy. ...
  • Leadership.
Jul 2, 2018

What are the skills are required of a solutions architect? ›

These include a strong knowledge of business processes, IT systems, and solutions, while also being able to communicate complex software processes. Solutions architects also need strong leadership skills and several years of hands-on experience in a related field.

What are the key qualities should a good solution architect possess? ›

Successful solutions architects do these five things
  • Flexibility and eagerness to learn. An SA must be able to work in a wide variety of scenarios and be open to learn the unique requirements of each project. ...
  • Time management. ...
  • Communication skills and business acumen. ...
  • Decisiveness. ...
  • Industry technical credentials.
Mar 26, 2020

Is a solutions architect a stressful job? ›

Yes, being a solution architect is a stressful job.

Stress can be shared amongst solution architects, with daily work sometimes being quite demanding--stress related to deadlines, work-life balance, and sometimes being responsible for high stakes decisions.

What are the core values of an architect? ›

Architects typically have the following work values:
  • Consider independence important. They like to make decisions and try out ideas on their own. ...
  • Consider achievement important. ...
  • Consider recognition important. ...
  • Consider good working conditions important. ...
  • Consider support from their employer important.

What are the 5 elements of architecture? ›

Architectural design is an essential step in the design process.
A well-designed home needs to include these five elements:
  • Sustainable architectural design.
  • Functionality & considered engineering.
  • Responsibly constructed.
  • Liveability.
  • Beauty.
Sep 9, 2022

What is the main objective of an architect? ›

An architect is a person who plans, designs and oversees the construction of buildings. To practice architecture means to provide services in connection with the design of buildings and the space within the site surrounding the buildings that have human occupancy or use as their principal purpose.

What are the 4 basic components of a process? ›

These four critical items are: (1) Process Definition, (2) Process and Activity Roles, (3) Available Tools and (4) Training. Plain and simple reality- these elements are inseparably linked.

What are the 5 basic process types? ›

  • 1 Structured Process (Production Process) Structured processes can be production processes producing products and services. ...
  • 2 Case-type Process (Semi-structured, loosely structured) ...
  • 3 Research Process. ...
  • 4 Engineering Process. ...
  • 5 Artistic Process.
Jun 17, 2021

What is process description? ›

In other words, the process description includes parts that are assumed to not change, represented by reservoirs that form the environment or larger embedding of the process, the process itself being dynamic and a part that “just happens”, thus is of event dynamic.

How do you write an architectural description? ›

When writing an architectural description, it is important to focus on the construction, form, features, and finishes that exist today, rather than a building's historic appearance. If current elements of the building are modern alterations to its historic appearance, then this should be noted.

What is the short description of architecture? ›

: the art or science of building. specifically : the art or practice of designing and building structures and especially habitable ones.

How do you write an architectural description example? ›

Use your human qualities in writing a detailed picture of architectural design. Engage your audience by using emotive and descriptive words that add life to your writing. Furthermore, elaborate more on the architecture jargon. Use simple language to explain various complicated vocabularies to a layperson.

What is architect in simple words? ›

: a person who designs buildings and advises in their construction. : a person who designs and guides a plan or undertaking.

What should an architect put on a resume? ›

Top Skills for Your Architect Resume
  1. Design analysis.
  2. Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D.
  3. Land development laws.
  4. Creative thinking.

What is hard skill for architect? ›

The hard skills involve maths and physics, as it's important to ensure that buildings are safe and can remain standing for decades. Since architects work with clients, engineers, contractors and government officials, they require a variety of soft skills to communicate their ideas and work well with one another.

What is the soft skill of architect? ›

Problem Solving

Building up an effective approach to solving problems requires that you prioritize attention to details, understanding situations, and making calculated decisions. Having deep/critical thinking capabilities helps in dissecting problems into causatives and possible solutions.

What soft skills do you need for architecture? ›

In Apiumhub, we also believe that the most successful architects we know are able to increase their effectiveness by combining their technical and nontechnical skills. And the successful technical solution requires three distinct soft skills: business alignment, perspective awareness, and communication.

What are the roles and responsibilities of process specialist? ›

The Process Specialist/Team Lead supervises a team of technicians to support the manufacturing processes which may include engine build, machining, quality control and Non-Destructive Testing or NDT (Level 2). He/She is also required to investigate process failure and proposes appropriate remedial actions.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a process associate? ›

Process associates monitor and improve production processes for manufacturing companies. In this role, they assess the effectiveness of existing process systems, maintain process equipment, detect material and machine defects, assess overall production quality, and compile process reports.

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A process owner is the person solely responsible for owning a process. They are accountable for designing an effective and efficient process, using the right people and financial and technical resources to run the process, and delivering quality outcomes as required within the organization.

What are process responsibilities? ›

Process Manager Responsibilities:

Meeting with business managers to discuss business objectives. Analyzing the efficiency and costs of existing business processes. Identifying areas of improvement. Creating and presenting process improvement reports. Overseeing the implementation of new business processes.

What is process development job description? ›

Process Development Scientists (process chemists) research and develop ways to manufacture products and monitor existing processes and products for quality and efficiency.

What is process improvement job description? ›

Identify, plan and implement key projects to improve quality, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve cycle time by reducing wasted time, rework, etc. resulting in significant business improvement and customer satisfaction.

What are the three critical skills of process owners? ›

The 5 Most Important Skills For Process Owners
  • Change Management (71%). ...
  • Communication (68%) Driving changes to process and enforcing compliance and consistency is only possible through relentless and effective communication. ...
  • Influence and authority within the business (67%).
Sep 2, 2014

What are the 5 pillars of business process management? ›

The BPM lifecycle consists of five different stages including design, model, execute, monitor, and optimize. During each stage, specific activities are carried out in order to achieve the most efficient way to conduct business operations.

What are examples of key responsibilities? ›

Example 1: Customer service and sales manager
  • Lead a team of sales associates.
  • Provide quality customer service.
  • Create and coordinate sales associates' schedules.
  • Facilitate tasks for the sales associates.
  • Keep the store looking clean and organized.
  • Handle cash and card transactions.

What are 5 responsibilities? ›

Duties and Responsibilities of Citizens/ Duty and Responsibility Summary. Duties are actions that we are required to take as American citizens. Our duties are to obey the laws, pay taxes, defend the nation, serve in court and attend school.

What are the 6 task roles? ›

Task-related roles typically serve leadership, informational, or procedural functions. In this section we will discuss the following roles and behaviors: task leader, expediter, information provider, information seeker, gatekeeper, and recorder.

What are 4 examples of responsibilities? ›

Some everyday examples of responsibility you could use include:
  • Being a good parent.
  • Working with other people.
  • Difficult decisions you've had to make.
  • Looking after yourself and others.
Nov 19, 2022


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